Precision Glue Gel - 10g

Precision Glue Gel - 10g


Aside from giving you 10g of Glue gel, this special designed bottle also offer many other options to make sure you can put on the crystal just the way you want it. The bottle comes with thin dispenser tip on top, brush at bottom cap, and and cover lid for the nice and clean look.


1.  After finished 2 coats of gel polish color application, use Glitz Twin Tips Brush to apply Glitz Condensed Glue Gel to where the Crystals will be and DO NOT cure.  Apply Glitz No Wipe Top Coat using the floating technique over glue gel, DO NOT cure.   

2.  Use Glitz Crystal Picker to place Crystals onto the uncured Glitz Glue Gel & No Wipe Top Coat. Use the other end of Crystal Picker to adjust the position of the crystals.  Confirm crystal’s position before curing. Wipe both sides of the nails to keep the shape nice. Cure 60 seconds under LED lamp.  

3.  Gently squeeze Glitz Precision Glue Gel’s needle side to apply a small amount of glue in-between and around the crystals enough to cap the edges. Cure for 60 seconds. 

4   Repeat Step 3 one more time or more if needed. This will make sure crystals don’t come off. Do take note to never apply glue gel or No Wipe Top Coat over the crystals, as this will destroy the shine and beauty of the stones. Glitz Crystals will last up to 4 weeks when properly applied and wearing. 

5. To remove the crystals, soaking the nail in professional acetone will do the trick. 

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